Citymove: Furniture rehoming, no matter what


As strategic removalists and storage providers dedicated to revolutionising the moving experience, Citymove naturally fell into furniture recycling.

That’s because improving the moving experience for customers means listening to what they have to say. And what the company heard “more and more” from relocating clients is that they didn’t want to see their used furniture, often in perfect condition, go to landfill.

Citymove associate director Tina Bonnici started rehoming furniture for her clients on request around three years ago. 

In the early days, Tina would simply ask friends to take the secondhand furniture.

Before long, she ran out of people to ask, so she connected with the Better Buildings Partnership to help her build up a bigger network to take the furniture, including schools and small businesses. 

“I’d eventually like to take it to the next level – more connections with schools, principals, both our country and overseas, such as South Pacific schools that can’t afford to buy their own furniture.”

Logistics is the only cost involved – “the furniture costs them nothing.” And if clients don’t want to pay to move the furniture, they can organise to pick it up themselves (provided the pick-up site is safe to enter).

Tina’s promise is that she will always rehome the furniture if customers ask. Small businesses and homes are usually pretty manageable but what’s trickier, she says, are big commercial strip outs where thousands of pieces of furniture need to be rehomed, and quickly. 


Workstations further complicate the problem because they all need to go together and click into one other, so finding a new office that they fit into is challenging.

Fortunately, the company has a storage hub in Marrickville to store the furniture, free of charge, when the furniture can’t go straight to the new location.

Tina says it’s not always easy to find a suitable new home for the furniture, but the pro bono service is important to the company. “What we care about is that this used furniture goes to new homes and not to landfill. It just breaks my heart.”

“This is something that the Citymove family do because we believe in giving back to the community.”

Citymove specialise in commercial and residential relocations.


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