WELL Space: Why wellbeing in the office is a team effort

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Everyone deserves to work in a space that supports them, WELL Space chief executive Eminè Mehmet says.

Fortunately, a shift in thinking around employee health means more organisations are taking responsibility for helping to support the wellbeing of their workers.

But for those yet to embark on this journey, it’s hard to know where to start. This is where WELL Space – a consultancy dedicated to helping organisation enhance the wellbeing of its workers – can help.

WELL Space helps companies develop wellbeing guidelines that suit an organisation’s needs, whether that is a strategic fitness program, improving indoor environment quality, coaching on nutrition, or a workshop to help staff reconnect with their resilience.

Stand out achievements for the wellbeing strategists so far include the company’s input in the award-winning, BVN-designed Wilkhahn Showroom in Surry Hills, which is likely to be the first showroom in Australia to receive Gold Certification under the Retail Pilot Program from the International WELL Building Institute.

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WELL Space has also recently contributed to the Prince Alfred Private Hospital in Camperdown currently in design stage.

Building a holistic team early in the design and delivery process is key component of the WELL approach. This team might include the company’s human resources department, the facilities manager, with input from a nutritionist, and a fitness expert.

Most importantly, the owner needs to be part of the team. This is because the WELL standard requires policies and procedures to be in place for building operations, and also a commitment to continuous improvement and re-assessment of the space following occupation and operation.

Eminè’s networks and experience in the approach allow her to help this new variety of team come together.

“It adds a whole new dimension,” she says.

“It is about creating an activated wellbeing workspace, a living, breathing environment,” Eminè says.

Eminè Mehmet, Well Space CEO

Eminè Mehmet

The consultancy also works with development teams that aim to deliver spaces that are centred on enhancing wellbeing.

Eminè says these approaches also deliver sustainability gains.

“There is a high focus on materials in the space in the WELL Standard,” she says.

“It is about what is really good for the planet and good for us also.”

Eminè is a WELL Accredited Professional, a member of WELL Faculty and a Green Star Accredited Professional.

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