Bill Identity can save your business time and free up sustainability resources with better utility bill management

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Corporate sustainability should be an exciting gig where teams work to reduce the environmental and social harms inflicted by their companies.

Chris Hancock Head of Growth (Northern Region) for Bill Identity

But too often, trawling through hundreds, sometimes thousands of energy and water bills to aggregate data for sustainability reports and audits chews up the sustainability team’s time, limiting capacity to actually improve their company’s performance.

Bill Identity has the answer: Automated Utility Bill Management. The company has spent more than 10 years refining its data automation technology that effectively and automatically captures and validates billing data without human assistance.

Last year alone Bill Identity processed over three million utility bills for big name global companies such as those nominated in these case studies JLL, Salvation ArmyTollNandos, Origin Energy, Iselect and Simply Energy, to name just a few.

How it works

Billing data is funnelled from multiple streams into a cloud-based platform that functions as a single source of truth. The system draws on what’s known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This eradicates the need for manual data entry that’s slow, known to cause errors and duplication of effort.

Bill Identity’s Ashish Kumar and Anthony Vardon).

For sustainability teams, this is vastly more convenient and efficient than manually calculating company-wide emissions and water use based on quarterly bills over multiple sites. For the C-Suite, there’s assurance that no money is being wasted on expensive manual data processing and unwanted errors.

Access to accurate, validated, and trustworthy utility data helps drive iterative sustainability improvements across a business. That’s because decision makers can keep track of how much sustainability interventions, such as rooftop solar or energy efficiency upgrades, are saving the company. In the past, the inability to track the return on investment meant sustainability teams struggled to secure budget funding for the next batch of sustainability projects.

Sustainability teams aren’t the only fans of Bill Identity’s Utility Bill Management system. It makes budgeting a breeze for the finance team, and procurement and facilities management staff can easily keep track of the savings gleaned by any new equipment.

Access to accurate, validated, and trustworthy data is at your fingertips.

Find out more about Bill Identity’s Utility Bill Management products today.

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