Eclipse Passive House: Get your Passive House, have cake, and it eat too…

Eclipse Passive House

eclipse passive house team

If you’ve fallen head-over-heels for the low bills and unbeatable comfort of Passive House but concerned about the challenge and expense of this precise construction method, then Eclipse Passive House is your solution.

Eclipse Passive House provides a prefabricated panelised Passive House system that takes the guesswork out of building to the rigorous standard.

The company’s founder, Darryn Parkinson, says that because Passive House homes are virtually completely airtight it’s a slow and supervision-heavy process using normal construction methods. This is especially true in Australia where Passive House is so new and few builders are familiar with the concept.

Eclipse is working in collaboration with to GAEA Architects to building this off grid home in Goulburn. Photo: GAEA Architects

A builder by trade, Darryn wanted to be able to construct Passive House buildings efficiently and affordably. He looked to places such as Europe and the US, where Passive House is better established, and found that panelised components erected onsite worked well to guarantee precision without costing a fortune.

He’s since developed a prefabricated product line and set up a manufacturing facility in Western Sydney to produce the components.

Eclipse Passive House offers a complete Passive House solution – manufacture, delivery and installation. Darryn says that by employing tradespeople to both construct the panels and assemble the buildings, the risk of not passing the stringent blower test for Passive House certification is lowered.

Other features of the prefabricated Passive House product is that it allows for design freedom and comes in large enough panels to keep construction times short, which is sure to keep your neighbours happy.

At the moment, Darryn’s business is able to deliver single and two-storey residential units with a view to delivering more complicated builds down the track.

Thanks to this solution, highly energy efficient homes, offering comfort in all seasons and free of draughts, dust, noise and mould, are no longer out of reach. 

Eclipse Passive House