Five amazing abodes to check out for Sustainable House Day

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Sustainable House Day is coming up and with it the doors to more than 250 sustainable homes around Australia are flying open. This is your chance to see for yourself how low carbon designs and non toxic materials can make a house feel like home.

To get you inspired we’ve rounded up five interesting homes you can walk through on Saturday 15 September 2019. For the full list or to register your home, head to the Sustainable House Day website.

The Fern, NSW

This Sydney building is believed to be the first Passive House certified apartment block in Australia. It features two 15 metre high green walls and automated external venetian blinds to cool in warm weather, as well as a 21kW solar system which renders The Fern carbon net-positive.

The Cape, VIC

Just a two hour drive from Melbourne, The Cape will be opening the doors to 10 sustainable, comfortable, energy efficient homes in the community. Here you can see examples of best practice in energy efficient design, construction and fitout, and meet the builders and designers who made their super-low annual running costs possible. You will also be able to tour community gardens at The Cape.

Two Churches, QLD

Two buildings sit on this Emu Park property, both rescued churches transported from Rockhampton decades ago where they were destined for destruction. These two churches have since been up cycled to take advantage of natural light and cross flow ventilation on their new site.

The property also features a HomeBioGas system which turns food waste into gas and fertiliser on the site, as well as a native bee friendly garden which uses permaculture principles and composting to grow vegetables.

The Barn, SA

This all electric home is a straw bale build with a modern appearance. Its owners wanted to live in a truly passive house but didn’t want to have to settle for the cottage aesthetic. Its construction involved the use of natural or renewable materials and waste products in a clever design.

The Barn sits on a relatively small block of 400 square meters but manages to host a garden, two 5000L rainwater tanks and outdoor hot shower under the gumtree.

Chewton Hemp House, VIC

This gorgeous, all electric home was constructed using unrendered hempcrete and salvaged wooden cladding among other sustainable practices. It features highly efficient appliances including an induction cooktop and hot water heat pump.