Good Green Home Loans: Saving you money and making a difference

Good Green Home Loans

Green mortgages – Saving you money and making a difference
Amy Beattie, Good Green Home Loans

The sight of environmental activists outside Amy Beattie’s former office at one of Australia’s big banks was the trigger that lead her to rethink her career.

The protesters were raising awareness of the link between banks and the fossil fuel industry.

“I couldn’t get inside the office to begin work for the day, so I took the time over a quick coffee to learn more about this connection and as a result, everything changed for me. I was no longer a proud employee and I knew I had to tell people the reasons why.”

Fast forward to today and Amy has left behind her big bank career of over 15 years to establish a residential mortgage broking service, dedicated to making a difference. This is how Good Green Home Loans was born. The unique service provides borrowers with a panel of over fifteen banks and none of these banks are funding the fossil fuel industry.

“I always had a sense of social justice, but I never imagined that my passion for helping people with finances could lead me here.”

Consumers are increasingly being presented with choices to purchase from organisations who are focused on helping people and protecting the environment, where profits are used with purpose and positive change is the driving force behind the business decision making. So why not choose a green home loan?

“It’s a common misconception that making an ethical choice with your home loan will come at a cost. In most cases, it’s the exact opposite and my new clients often walk away with a lower home loan rate and even lower fees”.

With eight out of ten home loans in Australia with the big four banks, Amy says “there’s a lot of people paying far too much for their home loan. Couple this with the fact that there’s a lot of money being placed in the hands of banks with the power to help Australia reduce our carbon emissions and keep global warming at bay. I want to change this.”

Good Green Home Loans also donates $100 for every home loan settlement to a nominated not-for-profit or charity that shares its values of helping those in need or protecting the environment. 

Good Green Home Loans

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