How buildings can exceed Net Zero with EcoStruxure

Schneider Electric

The Edge, Amsterdam

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure is a building system designed for hyper-efficiency in buildings, equipment and people

Deloitte’s new Amsterdam office, the Edge, was recently named one of the world’s most sustainable office buildings. It consumes a mere 0.3 kWh per square metre, per year – a performance so good that it blows Net Zero out of the water by exporting energy back to the grid from the photovoltaic cells arrayed on its southern wall.

A scalable, secure and global architecture to create future-ready smart buildings.

The Edge achieves its stand-out performance using EcoStruxure™ Building from Schneider Electric. It is an open innovation platform for buildings – a collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution that features a scalable, secure and global architecture to create future-ready smart buildings.

EcoStruxure Building securely connects hardware, software, and services over an Ethernet IP backbone to maximize building efficiency, optimise comfort and productivity and, in turn, increase building value, or maintain it where less efficient buildings would have become less appealing.

The three layers of EcoStruxure's model.

Schneider achieved The Edge’s milestone by deploying three layers of EcoStruxure:

1. Connected Products that allow for control of all the building’s systems from one central location

2. Edge Control is the local, bespoke implementation of EcoStruxure that controls The Edge and is customised to the building’s individual characteristics

3. Apps, Analytics and Services that monitor the building, people’s movements within the space and people’s feedback about their space back to the central control so that the buildings systems can be adjusted for the optimum balance of comfort and efficiency

With office buildings and construction responsible for about 36 per cent of global final energy consumption and 40 per cent of total direct and indirect CO2 consumption, changes like EcoStruxure, which give us visibility of consumption and the flexible tools to reduce it, could make a significant improvement to our environmental performance.

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