How does your ‘hood’ rate on leafiness

Leafy city trees avenue

Ever wondered which city in Australia is the leafiest? 

Well, wonder no more – Brisbane has been ranked as the leafiest city in Australia, with Hobart coming close in second place. 

For the first time, a national artificial Intelligence data analysis has been carried out to rank tree coverage across Australia’s capital cities and residential areas. 

What’s the implications of this? 

Trees are not just pretty – trees help reduce heat caused by all those concrete buildings in urban areas, and their roots reduce stormwater runoff, which is a major cause of pollution in cities. 

Having more trees also attracts more people to live in a city – as people are more likely to choose an area to live in based on tree coverage. And monitoring leaf coverage also helps track recovery from bushfires. 

Check out where your suburb ranks on leafiness

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Greater Brisbane claims top place as Australia’s leafiest capital city