How to improve productivity in open plan offices

TGL News

Greenlister Poly has released an eBook that could help you deal with workplace distractions.

More than half of workers prefer open plan offices, a survey by Poly has found, particularly among Gen Y and Z. But 99 per cent of those who actually work in open plan offices say they are distracted at least some of the time.

From office dogs to kitchen blenders and Mike from Marketing who won’t shut up, open plan offices certainly have their downsides.

“The open office arrived with so much promise,” Poly writes. “Minimalist design. Spontaneous collaboration. Deeper connections between co-workers.

“But it’s also loud, chaotic, and full of distractions that are keeping your team from getting work done.”

In fact, of the more than 5000 office workers surveyed by Poly from around the world, over one third said they were “always” or “very often” distracted.

Currently, workers take measures such as finding quieter places to work in the office (34 per cent), wearing headphones or earplugs (60 per cent) or work from home (12 per cent).

But what if these measures don’t quite cut it?

This resource is here to help you reduce the perils of an open office and improve productivity. Tips include huddle rooms, escape routes and more.

Head to Poly’s website for the full story, or download the eBook now.