EnviroSure: Insurance can be way easier for sustainability assessors, auditors and consultants


EnviroSure insures the “uninsurable”

As an insurance broker and Certified Insurance Professional, Anthony Saunders is used to being approached to solve thorny insurance problems.

So it was no surprise to him when “uninsurable” environmental consultants approached him for business insurance – that’s public liability and professional indemnity – a few years ago.

“They said, ‘nobody will insure us – they say we’re uninsurable. What can you do?’” Anthony says, “I searched around and found them an underwriter.”

While insuring the “uninsurable” Anthony became frustrated by the inefficiencies, double and triple handling and lack of understanding in the insurance market.

The inefficiencies meant that people were paying too much for their cover. The lack of understanding meant that many of these people were paying for insurance that didn’t cover the risks inherent in their businesses.

EnviroSure® Insurance was born from that frustration.

EnviroSure specialises in providing a standard business insurance policy that covers anyone who is certified to do measurement, assessment or audit – like NABERS assessors, environmental auditors, swimming pool safety assessors, energy efficiency and ISO 50,001 energy management auditors.

  • A more comprehensive list of the types of auditors covered is available on the EnviroSure website.

A major benefit is that you can get a quote in real-time and, if you proceed, get your insurance certificate immediately.

“Speed of cover is important for people because many of them seek insurance only when they need it to tender for a job,” Anthony says.

we keep it simple and standard so we can turn the application around quickly

“Because of that, we keep it simple and standard so we can turn the application around quickly. If you need extra cover – like covering the products you produce – it can take a few days longer and you’ll need to call us,” says Anthony.

And, if you’re wondering what happened to the environmental consultants, “They’re still covered,” says Anthony, “but we can’t do it online – environmental consultants still need to call me.”


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