Plastic Free July is on, here’s how your workplace can get involved

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You probably know a few tips and tricks to minimise single use plastic in your daily lives. From carrying your own water bottle and coffee cup, to keeping a reusable bag on hand. But what about in the work place?

Here are a few strategies Plastic Free July recommends to eliminate single use plastics in the workplace:

1. Conduct a bin audit

Take a look through your office’s bin, what do you see? If there are a lot of a certain type of single use plastics, say food containers or forks, make a note and try to think of a strategy to reduce them in future.

2. Scrutinise procurement

If possible, check in on your workplace’s procurement practices. You may find your workplace is ordering a lot of single use plastic items, or items that come packaged in single use plastics.

Ask yourself and the supplier:

  • Do you really need to procure this single use plastic item?
  • Is there a more sustainable substitute? Perhaps made of recyclables?
  • Is the packaging single use plastic? Could it be substituted, or reduced by ordering in bulk?

3. Sweep the kitchen

Your workplace’s kitchen is likely the biggest culprit when it comes to single use overkill. Try eliminating plastics by replacing them with quality, reusable alternatives, such as ceramic coffee cups, glass cups and stainless steel cutlery.

4. Engage your coworkers

If single use plastics concern you, there’s a chance your coworkers will feel the same. Get people involved by talking about the Plastic Free challenge and bringing the impacts to their attention. People are far more receptive to behavioural changes if they see those around them involved.

Here are a few changes you can make quickly:

  • Swap to loose leaf tea or coffee, rather than bags or sachets
  • Provide reusable coffee cups and containers for people to use at lunch time
  • Make sure your bins are clearly labelled, and consider adding a compost if possible!

For more tips and advice, head to the Plastic Free July website, and keep your eyes peeled for our Sustainable Destinations feature with the City of Sydney! Great, plastic free things are coming!