Sustainable bikes, aviation and public transportation

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Transport and travel are big issues for sustainability, and for several of our Greenlisters.


Even a train can have an EPD

In a move that you wouldn’t necessarily expect Greenlister Thinkstep has joined forces with Downer, to publish the first Environmental Product Declaration or EPD for a train in Australasia. The effort involved assessing the environmental impacts of all 150,000 parts and 550 tones of materials that make up the train, over its full 30-year life cycle? You can find out more in the webinar, here.

Thinkstep and Downer assessed all 150,000 parts that make up a train

Tour sustainably

On the travel front, Dayana Brooke of Greenlister The Sustainable Traveller offers you the opportunity to travel the world and leave only sustainable footprints behind. Her tours include a women’s only trip to Chile in October 2019, Amazon river cruises and other adventures in Fiji, India, The Maldives, Indonesia or closer to home in the Wolgan Valley, north west of Sydney. The Sustainable Traveller can even add a Tesla airport transfer to your travel arrangements.

The sustainable traveller

LEED Gold certified hotel – Rosewood, Phuket

Electrifying vintage cars

If your budget doesn’t extend to a fabulous sustainable holiday or the new electric Porsche Taycan – which could set you back between US$86,000 to US$104,000 – you could hop aboard the overseas craze for electrifying an auto classic with some of these Australian suppliers.  They can drive your much loved vintage car into the ecological future (and save you big dollars on fuel).

And it doesn’t stop with personal transportation – SEA Electric are quietly converting commercial trucks and vans to 100 per cent electric. Buyers can also swap their batteries back to the supplier where they can be re-deploy in large scale storage farms to be used for years to come.

If you’re curious, you can calculate the potential savings in swapping to an electric vehicle using this calculator from The Electric Vehicle Council.

Electric seaplanes take off

North American seaplane operator Harbour Air and electric aviation company MagniX have announced a partnership geared to transform the former’s existing seaplanes into “the world’s first completely electric commercial seaplane fleet”.

The Harbour Air ePlane fleet will use magni500 motors as they operate across 12 routes between USA and Canada. These all electric engines step away from fossil fuels entirely, producing zero waste.

Harbour Air and magniX expect to conduct first flight tests of the all-electric aircraft later in the year.

“World’s first” all electric fleet

Electric bikes come with the flat

While some dockless bike sharing products are cluttering footpaths and ending up in rivers, NSW based BYKKO is looking to breath new life into the fixed dock. 

BYKKO to make communal ebikes as prevalent in new developments as car parks and gyms.

They’re teaming up with residential developers to install electric bike docking bays in new and existing apartment blocks. 

The idea is to deliver more transport and exercise options to the residents’ doorstep, where they can use the same ID card or NFC technology that accesses the building to check out the bikes.

There are options to have the bikes free to residents, available on a monthly subscription, or with a use based payment.

Pleasing statistics for electric ferries 

A partnership between several Norwegen companies has produced a pair of all electric ferries with impressive eco statistics. Named “Ampere” and “Elektra”, the ferries’ recent data shows emissions down by 95 per cent and operational costs by 80 per cent, as compared to their fuel powered counterparts. 
Norled AS, Fjellstrand Shipyard, Siemens AS, and Corvus Energy are the companies responsible for the project. Since their release in 2015 there have been 25 more orders.

Rent an eco rover

If car rental is more your scene, then keep an eye on newcomer Jaunt. They’re crowdfunding to fully electrify an entire fleet of elderly Land Rovers so you can traverse the Aussie countryside with a smaller carbon footprint. 

Jaunt’s electric off road rentals