TGL News: Creative catering, sustainable architecture, a new webseries and a guide to making a verge garden

TGL News

This week we welcomed sustainable caterers Dan the Man Cooking and innovative architects Delisle Hunt Wood to The Green List.

The team at Dan the Man is doing some amazingly creative things with food waste. They’re using left over coffee grounds for coffee vinaigrette, excess lamb fat in table candles, and herbs from the community garden. Now this creative catering company is adding zero waste consulting to its menu!

Meanwhile, the freshly minted trio at Delisle Hunt Wood are using their combined decades of experience to help people right some of the sustainability wrongs in architecture and design.

Greenlister CRC for Low Carbon Living is wrapping up, leaving a trail of achievements in its wake. These include over 150 research projects, 17 Living Laboratories, six research nodes that have been designed to continue the CRCLCL work, a suite of low carbon living guides, 23 modelling and forecasting tools and the list goes one!

Greenlister thinkstep has a new web series addressing sustainability myths. With five episodes up on their YouTube channel, the videos address misconceptions around renewable versus fossil products, banning materials, bioethanol, banning PVC and carbon balance.

Greenlister Michael Mobbs shows readers how to make a “more natural” nature strip. Check out his guide or get in touch to get started on turning that patch of dying roadside grass into a thriving, self-watering garden.