TGL News: Three events (and some discounted tickets)

TGL News

The UK has more electric vehicles than petrol stations, Australia has “range anxiety”

Electric vehicle charging areas now outnumber petrol stations in the United Kingdom by hundreds, a report by Nissan has found. At last count, there were 8396 petrol stations in the UK, versus 9199 EV charging sites. How does Australia stack up and what’s driving the difference?
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Litterbugs are still doing damage

It’s Keep Australia Beautiful week in Australia, and this year’s focus is on respecting our roadsides. The campaign is imploring motorists to do the right thing by not littering from their cars and to report anyone they see offending – and it could save more than $300 million each year!
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Urban farming, square and simple

Brendan Condon (The Cape)’s urban farming and stormwater harvesting company Biofilta has partnered with injection moulding company Von Pace Group. From this venture the duo has launched “FoodCube”, a product that could to transform city spaces into highly productive, efficient urban farms.
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What we can learn from the City of Helsinki

Ranked the most innovative region in the EU by the European Commission, Finland’s capital has a reputation for experimenting with sustainable policies and initiatives. Its latest initiative gives power to its users to make simple, sustainable decisions. Other cities should take note.
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Flexible solar technology can be applied to any surface at a fraction of the weight

The 235 kW installation made up of 812 lightweight panels could cut the Australian National Maritime Museum’s electricity consumption by as much as 25 per cent.
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Four Aussie sustainability breakthroughs to celebrate beyond Science Week

Australians have a well earned reputation for their inventiveness and breakthroughs, no less than in the sustainability field. The Green List is full of great ideas with the creative power to fast track our sustainability transformation.
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And here we’ve also wrapped up three exciting opportunities from our Greenlisters:

National Roads & Traffic Expo Infrastructure Summit

photo of a winding road

Collaborative Research Center for Low Carbon Living‘s chief executive Professor Deo Prasad will be speaking at the National Roads & Traffic Expo Infrastructure Summit in Melbourne, 17-18 September. Along with other industry experts, Professor Prasad will be discussing and providing analysis on the major infrastructure projects and developments around the country.

Certified Energy Manager training course

Energetics is hosting a Certified Energy Manager training course in Melbourne on 14-18 October. The course will run over five days (9:00am – 5:30pm) and will include a CEM certification exam on the last day.

South Pacific Passive House Conference

photo of houses

Early registration for Passive House Association‘s 2020 South Pacific Passive House Conference is now available. To celebrate the conference, which will run in Sydney between 28 – 31 May 2020, PHA is offering 30 discounted tickets to first applicants.