Republic of Everyone: The power of influence and great strategy

The Republic of Everyone

The power of influence and great strategy
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For more than a decade Republic of Everyone has been using some of the most powerful forces on the planet to save the planet: communications and marketing. Many of their campaigns are inspirational and transformational. 

Think Mirvac’s This Changes Everything Campaign that rocked the big property landlords and pretty much gave them a giant kick to ramp up their own zero carbon targets so that now all the majors are proclaiming loud and ambitious carbon targets. 

Think Garage Sale Trail, a highly organised and fun swap program that’s gone viral through Sydney and later across the country. 

And then there’s the 202020 Vision, one of Australia’s biggest collaborations with over 400 organisations working together to create greener urban areas.

So are we done with thinking small?

The Republic of Everyone would certainly recommend it.

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As founder Ben Peacock might put it, advertising and marketing, like money, are just tools. You can do what you like with them and turning them to good can be just as much fun and far more rewarding than their usual purpose.

“I was working in marketing thinking that the world is getting products that they don’t need,” Ben says. “The marketing and messaging was all wrong and putting ideas in people’s heads that weren’t true.

“I thought wouldn’t it be a good idea to apply marketing to good products and services that people actually need and will improve the world.”

Ben then gathered a team of passionate and highly talented wordsmiths and creatives to start The Republic of Everyone in 2007. The aim was simple: “make doing good, good for business”.

“We want people to re-think what they are doing and direct their energy into what is right for the world,” Ben says.

“We are trying to take a holistic viewpoint of the economy and the environment.”

The Republic of Everyone came up with a sophisticated and clever campaign where volunteers were asked to help clean up popular beaches while DJs played in the background.

A track, “Come Clean” was created and volunteers received a limited edition on vinyl.

More than 350 participants attended the clean up of plastic on Manly Cove and North Wollongong beaches resulting in 350 kilograms of plastic being removed from our beaches.

“The beach clean up was a good exercise in sustainability and communication strategy,” Ben says. “We try to help corporates develop and implement a sustainable strategy that is different to anything they have undertaken before.”

Good things Grow. The Beat the Bottle 2019 Summer Series is now rolling out across 15 Sydney and Illawarra waterways.

The Republic of Everyone has also spread its wings to Mexico, setting up an office there and has embarked upon projects for global companies.

“We have a franchised office out of Mexico and our brand is getting known,” says Ben’s business partner, Scott Matyus-Flynn.

“We have a lot of companies approach us and there are a lot of conversations to be had before any program is commenced.” Most want to undertake behavioural change. They want to embark upon a mission of ethical and sustainable products and this can take years to implement.

“You really need to understand what drives the company and how they operate before you can come up with a marketing strategy.”

Both agree that the world is slowly changing for the better.

“Ten years ago, well, actually, not even five years ago, no one was selling sustainability,” Scott says. “We are uniquely placed and have good depth in the field. We can help shape best practice for companies and there is a good breadth of work.”

“Our purpose was never to make millions of dollars, but to improve the world”, adds Ben.

“We want to learn then impart useful knowledge and create ideas that create change. If that’s what I do with my career and my life, then I think that’s a pretty good thing to have left behind.”

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