Two Good – your bathroom products and ESG credits at the same time

Two Good Co

If you’re interested in helping create real social change without much disruption to your everyday business, Two Good Co, a social enterprise that provides ethical and sustainable bathroom products, might be what you’ve been looking for.

Two Good, the social enterprise initially started as a soup kitchen in Sydney’s Kings Cross, is now racing to grow its for purpose business. How? Building stable revenue through high quality catering and selling Good Things, a line-up of premium washroom and lifestyle products.

Suzie Barnett – TwoGood

The purpose of the organisation’s work is to change the course of vulnerable women’s lives. They do this through intentional, high quality donations of meals and products to women’s shelters, as well as their “Work Work” employment pathways program. It’s currently able to employ 40-50 vulnerable women each year – but its goal is to help 80 vulnerable women graduate from its program every single year.

Supporting this ambition is one of sustainability’s best known people, Suzie Barnett, who picked up the reins to lead business growth and partnership for Two Good late last year.

Suzie’s extensive expertise and network are helping Two Good builds upon its strong connections to property sector leaders using their procurement budgets to buy washroom products that deliver a measurable social impact outcome, contributing to their ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) performance.

Suzie became interested in Two Good after buying a high-quality blanket through one of its seasonal buy ones, give one campaign.

“Now, every time I’m on the couch and cuddling my kids under that blanket, I love knowing there’s another woman out there who’s got a blanket of her own.”

She decided to take the leap to a job for social good after moving on from her previous role as the chief executive of Junglefy. She also had a long track record as executive director of the Green Building Council.

She says that not only do customers receive reportable social value outcomes and a chance for employees to volunteer and meet the women they helped, but they also receive locally made, manufactured, non-toxic, biodegradable products – that are expected to receive a GECA certification in the coming months.

Two Good Co

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