What’s the deal with plastic Christmas decor? 

Rose Mary Petrass

Christmas decorations

As the silly season rolls around, more and more shops are filled to the brim with queues of people buying plastic baubles and sparkly tinsel to hang up around their homes. 

As the decorating frenzy begins, people seem to have forgotten all about the true meaning of Christmas – and all about their New Year’s Resolutions to reduce their plastic waste. 

It’s important to note that tinsel and many ornaments are not recyclable. 

Christmas shouldn’t be all about this excessive waste, but rather about connecting with family and friends, spending long days on the beach, and maybe just kicking back after a tough year.

So, to counteract the plastic-grabbing frenzy of the early holiday season, The Green List has a guide to Christmas decorations to make your Christmas more sustainable and eco-friendly than last year. 

The Christmas tree debate 

As the debate between real and fake Christmas trees rages, The Green List recommends that the most sustainable option for your home is to get a real life tree in a pot. It doesn’t have to be a pine tree either, but there are numerous benefits to getting a living tree for Christmas, and all year round. Read the article here. 

Deck the halls with wreaths of holly

If you’re looking for Christmas decorations that are a joy to make and also compostable, then making your own Christmas wreath could be a fun activity for your family. You can choose eucalyptus, holly dotted with red berries, or another bendy and pliable plant, and wrap it around itself in a circular fashion. Use a strong twine to secure it in place, and decorate it with flowers or pinecones. It is traditional to hang Christmas wreaths on the outside of the front door, but put it anywhere in your home and it will bring a beautiful natural feel to the space.

Make your own baubles

Anything can be made into a bauble with a bit of string. From small toys to origami, it is easy to make a creative and unique decoration for your tree. 

Paper snowflakes

Yes, we know that it doesn’t actually snow in Australia this time of year, but we still love a cute little paper snowflake stuck to a window inside. To make a paper snowflake, all you’ll need is some spare paper, and a pair of scissors. Fold your paper in half, and then half again. Cut out some little shapes with the scissors, unfold the paper – et voilà! 

Paper chains

Another recyclable favourite, cut colourful paper into strips, and then use an adhesive to create interlocking circles. This one is great because you can hang it up around the tree just like tinsel!  

Shop vintage 

So many unique Christmas baubles, themes, snow globes and kitsch decorations can be found in second hand shops. Vintage baubles also make very special gifts and create treasured memories for years to come. Have a look online as well to find some particularly 

Change your lightbulbs 

Energy waste is a big aspect to what makes Christmas such a damaging time for the environment. Traditional incandescent bulbs can use up heaps of energy – so switch to LED Christmas lights this year. 

Merry Christmas!