Demolition Plus: Recycling from single floors to whole buildings

Demolition Plus

Once you’ve had the furniture people in at the end of a lease and they’ve taken what they can for re-use, Demolition Plus will come in and remove the remainder of the office fit out as quickly as possible – the walls, furniture, floor coverings and anything else that needs to go. 

The company aims to recycle at least 60 per cent of the fit out, managing director Richard Parry says. 

The business has a 20-year track record and can strip out anything from a single floor to an entire building – 400 George Street and Governor Macquarie Tower are just two examples.

Most buildings are refurbished every eight years

“Most buildings are refurbished every eight years, which keeps us pretty busy,” Richard says.

“We disassemble everything on site into its recycling groups, then load it out of the building to the various recycling centres.

“We separate plasterboard from metals and metals from glass etc. If we did not do this then it would all have to go to landfill.” 

Demolition Plus

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