An Indigenous angle to premium office furniture and more

Winya Indigenous Furniture

Feature piece in the Australian Taxation Office foyer
Feature piece in the Australian Taxation Office foyer

Majority Indigenous owned and staffed Winya has done office fitouts for large corporations and government offices including Lendlease, Telstra, the ATO and the Department of Defence.

Its premium office furniture is best in class, one of its directors Greg Welsh says. Among its services, it can provide artists to work with your interior designer to create fabrics and bespoke lounges.

It also employs socially remotepeople in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory to make arms and legs for new lounges, with timbers salvaged from mine site clearing that would otherwise have been burned.

A new business theyve just started up – e-Board – involves recycling 92 per cent of the timber in old timber/melamine desks and cupboards to make sustainable new boards for new furniture.

In 2017, Winya won the Banksia Indigenous Leadership for Sustainability Award and an Architecture & Design Sustainability Award too.

It is a certified B Corporation, meaning it has met “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and and transparency”. 

Snake Vine fabric
Yam & Brush Dream fabric
My Country fabric


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