Kernel Property: ‘Sweeping-up’ behind yourself yields big savings when moving office

Kernel Property

Paul Mead has a few surprises up his sleeves in his tenant advisory business, which adds up to significant savings for tenants when relocating.

Typically, landlords charge $350-$600 a square metre to “absolve” tenants of their de-fit obligations, in Premium and A Grade buildings in the CBD, and $250-$350 a square metre for city fringe and suburban premises, Paul says.

The Kernel Property treatment, however, has proved it will shave 35-70 per cent off that amount, achieving savings of $120,000 to $245,000, for just a 1000 a square metre CBD office.

How does Kernel Property do it?

“We identify and create true leverage,” Paul says, “and we use appropriate legislation, case law, and experience to minimise costs and material waste”.

Key is the skilful co-ordination of that tricky time between leaving the old office and moving into the new, including often, a nice rent free period in the new lease.

This means that instead of letting the landlord throw everything out to landfill because there’s such a rush at the end of lease, they can create time for an orderly, sustainable diversion of material that makes the job a whole lot cheaper than it would otherwise be.

Kernel Property

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