ORG: The road to recovering food waste doesn’t have to pass landfill

Organic Recycling Group

photo of a man with an ORG bin at Cali Press, Bronte

This Sydney based waste collection company was the first to receive certification under GECA’s new Waste Collection Services Standard, and for good reason.

In 2006, Organic Recycling Group’s founders started looking at the current state of waste management.

“ORG saw how much food waste went to landfill,” says Jonathan Shaw, Sales Manager at ORG, “more than 7 million tonnes of it each year – and we thought: there’s an overarching need to preserve the planet for future generations; someone’s got to look at the big picture, then right down to the small businesses.”

Thirteen years later ORG is one of the leading providers of organic waste collection in Sydney. It also offers total resource management solutions to its growing network of local government and private sector clients.

We keep it as simple as we possibly can.”

Its clients range from tiny cafes with single 120 litre bins that are collected once a week, to massive office blocks juggling more than 20 bins each, managed by leading property firms.

Opening the door

ORG works closely with its individual clients to work out waste management strategies that suit their specific needs.

“It’s often the first time they’ve had a food waste system,” Jonathan explains, “so most customers are new to it all.

“We help them assess what they’re currently doing, look at how much organic waste they’re generating and any potential cost savings.”

photo of a lady with an ORG bin Infinity Bakery

In smaller businesses, this means talking directly to the owners, but with larger organisations, ORG’s consultants also speak with CEO’s, cleaners and facility management.

“They usually have a clear idea of what’s going on, a really good estimate of how things are running.”

Because ORG doesn’t offer post collection sorting, it’s important that employees are involved in the process and understand how it will work.

From there they develop the tailored system, adjusting over time where necessary.

“We keep it as simple as we possibly can.”

Closing the loop

ORG also works very closely with a number of industry peers, including fellow Single Use Plastic Pledge supporter, BioPak.

“We’re all about helping customers close the loop,” Jonathan says, “so we always encourage new customers to use reusable or compostable alternatives to single use food serve ware.”

ORG then works closely with EarthPower and SoilCo to ensure food waste and compostable packaging are recycled correctly.


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