EcCell Environmental: War on Waste has helped change the game for booming waste industry

EcCell Environmental

The EcCell Environmental team of waste and environmental accreditors have been in the waste game long before it got fashionable.

With decades of experience to draw on, company founder and director Jo Drummond says the consultancy now has “a number of strings to their bow”. 

This includes Green Star construction and demolition waste auditing, ISO 14001 accreditation, and a comprehensive suite of waste and environmental consultancy services.

As a recognised Global Exemplar Waste and Environmental auditor, Jo can audit both contractors and processing facilities, and can help companies achieve full Green Star compliance. 

More recently, the company has moved into training programs and now provides a Nationally Accredited Course that teaches trainees to become sustainability coordinators. The course was developed in partnership with the Business and Innovation Skills Council.

For Jo, training up young people so they can provide hand-on sustainability services for companies is what she is currently most interested in.  

“This is more of a hands-on course about understanding waste. Trainees do one module, and are then able to do waste audits and reduce waste for a company by sending suitable waste to recyclers. 

“Another unit is erosion sediment control. Trainees will learn to fix erosion sediment issues on the site.”

The EcCell team boasts a vast and varied skillset, including waste auditors and an environmental scientist, which helps the company stay up-to-date with the ever-growing list of environmental requirements faced by companies.

Stormwater management and recycling are some of the emerging focal points the company is currently honing in on, according to Jo. 

Jo says the ABC’s War on Waste program, whose first season aired last year, has opened new doors for the business.

War on Waste was a huge help. To be honest 30 years ago I couldn’t get a meeting. Now I can get a meeting with anyone.” 

Jo also said being involved with the Green Building Council of Australia “from the very beginning” has also helped shape the company’s upwards trajectory.

EcCell Environmental Management