Open4: Environmental disposal for commercial, offices, hospitality, tourism and retail


If you’re after environmental certification, Open4 will help provide it.

About six months ago, Sean Crichton-Brown, sales director of Open4, adopted an environmental disposal charter, which is incorporated in its quotes. The goal, the charter says, is to help clients achieve their environmental goals and alleviate their concerns.

Step 1 of the charter involves trying to donate any useable left-over goods to charities. Although there are not enough charities to take everything, Open4 has strong links with the many communities that require support, Sean says.

Environmental disposal for commercial offices, hospitality, tourism and retail open4

Step 2, for goods and materials which cannot find a home (and those that are not in a good enough condition), comes certified documented recycling which customers can use towards environmental credits. Products are broken down into their raw components and then recycled in the appropriate manner.

Step 3 is landfill. The very last resort. The company takes all measures to reduce the amount of landfill where possible.

Open4 counts among its clients some of the biggest corporates in the land. “We are the ‘go to’ company for high quality, high volume installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment for the commercial office, hospitality & tourism, and retail sectors across Australia,” Sean says.

While the business has been environmentally conscious for the last decade, it has recently lifted its game alongside there being more available ways to do the right thing.

For example, take good quality beds from a hotel: if they can’t locate a charity for them, there are now companies that will pull them apart and recycle wherever possible. “The environment is on everyone’s lips. It is not good enough just to talk about it you must walk it or you won’t be in the game.”


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