Carpet Recyclers: Give your carpet away, save money on tip fees, make others happy

Carpet Recyclers

Gary Jenner and his wife Sarah started Carpet Recyclers in the 1980s when his knees gave in and he could no longer do carpet laying work.

The other impetus, he said, was that he’d seen the huge amount of good carpet going to the tip, just when the environment was becoming a big issue.

He takes in carpets from, say, a hotel, RSL or office building, that are in good order, re-grades and re-sells them for a fraction of normal retail prices.

“Basically, what we believe in is not recycling, we re-use,” Gary says

Customers are happy, they save thousands and thousands of dollars and get something they couldn’t otherwise afford. And while the businesses may charge a small price, the business that the carpet comes from essentially saves on tippage.

For everyone, there is a “feel-good” factor in that it is not going to waste, and many of the demolition companies and businesses that use him ask him to sign a form to say it will be re-used because sometimes that is a tender requirement.

Carpet Recyclers

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