Globelet: You deserve a drink, make it a good one


Globelet began on the rugby fields of New Zealand after co-founder Ryan Everton was forced to wade through one sea too many of single-use plastic. Today Globelet clients include Vivid Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and festivals Splendour in the Grass and Womadelaide.

Rugby football fan Ryan Everton recalls grounds covered in empty water bottles and disposable cups at the end of every game. It was at one of those times that ignited his inspiration for an alternative to these climate polluting habits. He thought there must be a better way for rugby fans to enjoy themselves and stay hydrated, without costing the earth.

Globelet stemmed from this idea, and over the past eight years, the company has grown to be one of the largest reusable drink container providers in the Australasian region. It has clients across New Zealand and Australia, and recently expanded to the US.

Globelet in use at Splendour in the Grass – Courtesy of @claudiaciapocha

Globelet can work closely with individual clients to devise a tailored system but it usually leases drinking containers to office blocks, venues and festivals. The client can choose from four products: tumblers, stemless wine glasses, coffee cups and water bottles.

Eventually all our products will be made from recycled materials.

The containers are manufactured in Globelet’s New Zealand factories where the company can ensure quality and offer dedicated branding. Clients can choose from a traditional line of plastic cups, or a new range created entirely from recycled bottle caps.

“Eventually all our products will be made from recycled materials,” Ryan says.

After a client rents them, the containers are delivered and a deposit system put in place. This encourages customers to continue using the same cup or return it to receive the small refund that was included in the price of their first drink.

This system has attracted some notable clients, such as Vivid Sydney, the Sydney Opera House, Splendour in the Grass festival and Womadelaide festival.

The drink vessels are then collected by Globelet and taken to one of its specialised facilities where specially designed and built washers sanitise and dry the plastic cups, using less water than typical dishwashers.

“Our next step is targeting airlines and major shopping centres,” says Ryan. “We want to put an end to single-use plastic, and are very happy to be a part of the City of Sydney’s partnership to make the city a sustainable destination.”


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